Thursday, April 11, 2013



Panga vizuri ratiba yako ya kufanya Laundry kwa kutumia washing machines.
You might want to wash your bedsheets on Monday so you can freshen your bedrooms... towels on Tuesday....and so on. This system works well for allowing you to be completely done with laundry by the weekend.

  1. Take 5 minutes to sort laundry into white, light, and dark loads and set your washing time between 20 to 35 minutes....Be careful, ukichanganya nguo nyeupe na nguo za rangi itakula kwako....   
  2. Wakati zinafuliwa na mashine, usikae tu unazisubiria badala yake tumia muda huo kufanya kazi nyingine za ndani....osha vyombo, fagia jiko, piga deki, tandika kitanda, or watch TV... angalia tu usijisahau 
  3. Done with washing ?..then dry them and hang them ready for ironing. 
Kwa kufanya hivi utakuwa umefua nguo na kufanya kazi nyingine nyingi za ndani kwa muda huo uliou set kufua nguo zako kwa mashine.

Set up a laundry cart on wheels... Ideally, keep the cart near the bedroom or bathroom so you can toss dirty clothes and linens into the appropriate bag -- whites, darks, and delicates....Wengi wetu tumezoea kutumia matenga lakini pia tunaweza kutumia special laundry bags.
Mara nyingi nguo mpya huwa zinavuja rangi... zitenganishe. Fua nguo za rangi peke yake, especially red, by itself the first time; use cold or cool water with detergent. For stains, use a bleach alternative formulated for colorfastness.
Change bed sheets and pillow cases atleast once a week, kama ukiweza kila siku si unajua tena Dar joto sana....For guest rooms badilisha kila mgeni anapoondoka......Protect pillows with washable zip-on covers..... Wash sheets in warm water, and use nonchlorine bleach when needed......Wash all-cotton spreads, blankets, and coverlets in cold water to avoid shrinkage.  

Cross check and empty the lint trap before each load. A full lint trap reduces efficiency and becomes a fire hazard. Do lightweight, quick-drying items first in a separate load...... Placing these in a cold dryer to start reduces shrinkage risk while preheating the dryer for later, heavier loads..... Avoid wrinkling by doing several small loads rather than one large, crammed load. You’ll save energy with the shorter drying times and make use of the residual heat.

Clean your Washer and Drier every month....clean the lint trap after every load..... clean the tub more frequently when washing blankets, sweaters, or other items that can shed fibers during the wash cycle.......this will help Keep your washing machine from redepositing dirt, hair, and odors.  Regular cleaning helps the dryer work more efficiently and prevents fire hazards.
The closet is neat everything is organised....Cleaning out closets lightens your laundry routine.
Wash and dry new towels before use to remove finishes and excess dyes....Use warm water (not hot) to wash towels. Do not overdry because it destroys the integrity of the individual cotton fibers...... Prevent waxy fabric softener buildup by using softeners (liquid or sheets) only every three or four washings........Use color-safe bleach for color towels......... Wash white towels separately or with other white items to avoid subtle discoloration over time....... Occasionally bleach white towels if needed.                    If you hang-dry towels, shake them while wet and again when dry. Don’t iron terry towels since it will reduce absorbency.... However, linen hand towels should be ironed.

Delegate Laundry Chores to children based on their ages......For older children and all adults living in the house, divide laundry by person. Assign each person his or her own hamper...preschoolers can put away clothes that have been washed, dried, and folded......Grade-schoolers can fold and put away their own clean clothes... Middle-school and high-school kids can handle all the duties related to their own laundry....When the hamper is full, or that person is out of clean clothes, a load is washed, dried, folded, and put away.

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