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Decorating with Wallpapers…

Wallpapers is one of the most trendy wall decor when it comes to designing and decorating homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, saloons, boutiques, etc.

Besides expensive paintings, Wallpapers is a good way for people with a low budget to attain a fancy home without having to spend too much money. 

Most of us are used in painting our walls rather than decorating with wallpapers. However sometimes it may cost you a lot because you will have to renovate and repaint at least each year in order to maintain its natural beauty.

Choosing very light colors on your walls will make your entire room dull looking, and choosing bright colored paints on your walls has a tendency to make your room appear smaller. 

If you are among those people that are used and tired of repainting your home walls each year, then you would love the simple thought of applying these wallpapers instead.

The good news is that you can personalize your home with different wallpapers designs and customizing it without spending too much money on it. It is a method that can create an entirely different theme for your rooms and also adding a more relaxing ambiance and a calming effect on your rooms. You can decorate it in the Living room, dinning room, bedrooms, corridor, etc.

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Other Wall Decorating Ideas

You can decorate your wall with mirror frames of different size and shapes like this.....Square, Round, Oval....

A collection of mushroom prints on your wall can be an eye catching decor
Photo frames...You can hang your photos on your corridor wall like this.....draw a horizontal midline on your wall, and then hang your pictures above or below 
You can also choose to hang flower frames in chains like this....

Beans frames....beans can be also be stylish when they trim wooden frames. Here, beans were applied in three designs, and they make the frames look like a set!

Bookshelf picture frames.....
Frame art
Modern plate wall....you can decorate your wall with plates.....from every set of your plates choose one of various size and color...mix them and arrange hem like this! Great Idea
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