Friday, March 29, 2013


Easter is the perfect time to celebrate the risen Savior Jesus.
Whether presented in brightly decorated baskets or hidden around the yard, Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, Peeps, jellybeans or other sugary delights.

Easter Color
Each Easter color has significance in keeping with the religious traditions behind the celebration:
  • Red is the color of the blood of Jesus Christ and represents His ultimate sacrifice for the sake of mankind. A red egg was traditionally offered to friends when greeting them on Easter morning. The egg represents the grave, the prison of the tomb and the renewing or resurrecting of life by breaking free of it.
  • Red-Violet is also a reflection of pain and suffering.
  • White has always represented purity and grace in the Christian tradition.
  • Purple is a reminder of wealth and royalty.
  • Yellow is a reflection of happiness in the presence of the sun’s brightness.
  • Green, as a spring color, reminds us of the hope of new life and the future.
  • Orange also represents hope through the bright colors of sunrise each day.
  • Pink is symbolic of fresh beginnings.
  • Rose reflects joyous celebration and jubilation.
  • Gold speaks of those things that are precious and valuable Silver represents brightness and purity.
  • Gray reminds of the ashes associated with mourning, repentance, fasting and prayer.

Part of the fun of Easter is decorating with eggs...

Easter favors….. The inexpensive vessels, commonly used by gardeners to sprout seeds, get a holiday makeover with the addition of ribbon, trim, jelly beans, and small chocolate eggs.

Floral eggs basket….

Hen Centerpiece….. Adorn your Easter or spring party table with a mother hen centerpiece filled with pretty hyacinths.

A tulip egg basket is the perfect addition to a dinner table, and is sure to impress your guests with its creative and decorative touch

 Bright, blooming tulips will look dazzling on your Easter table.

For an elegant, leisurely lunch, adorn the table with a large bouquet of white sweet peas and grape hyacinth.

This Easter table is colorful, charming, and full of spring flowers...

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